The best Web options for campus publications

I’m looking for the best Web features to add to a college news site.

I will be sure to publicize the results of my search so everyone can add to their sites.

Some publications are generating online engagement in very simple ways:

  • Comments are one way users become involved. How better to start a debate than host a debate? That is exactly what Bloomberg Businessweek does in its Debate Room. This is fairly easy to do. You find two experts with opposing views and get them to write short arguments. Then you publish in a readable way and let people debate. The New York Times has a more extensive version of this, but college newspapers could easily emulate Businessweek’s model.
  • If you don’t have the man power to sustain consistent blogging, try temporary blogging. GQ is currently running a blog about the NBA playoffs. If there is an ongoing topic of significant local interest, cover it blog-style. Then when it dies down, the blog ends and everyone goes on with their lives.
  • Photo blogs. Everyone loves pictures. While many major publications, such as the Boston Globe and The Atlantic, have very successful photo blogs, campus papers can also be very effective in this pursuit. Many already are, including the visually appealing photo blog at the Minnesota Daily.

I am just getting started. If you know of a cool feature, send it my way.


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