Meet the Mets

Last weekend I discovered that students can attend New York Mets home games for $13 a ticket. Amazingly, that price (about 1/10 of what you would likely pay for comparable Yankee seats) gets you seats behind home plate in the upper deck. The view was excellent, Citi Field is one of baseball’s many new retro facilities in the mold of Baltimore’s Camden Yards, and it is overall a great place to see a game.

Of course, that may not be enough to save the Mets from themselves and the lasting impact of Bernie Madoff.

Why could I buy seats for $13 to an interleague game on a beautiful Saturday night in New York City? Well, it’s a long story. Fortunately, it is a great long story written by The New Yorker.

Read: Madoff’s Curveball by Jeffrey Toobin

Note: You probably already heard about some of the fallout from this story — as Mets owner Fred Wilpon made some rather unflattering comments about David Wright and Carlos Beltran. In the process, he managed to vilify himself in a story that may have otherwise shown his relations to Madoff were innocent — that he was the victim.


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