Recommended reading

Some new stories out there that are worth taking a look at:

  • Romney doesn’t scare Obama. This guy does. by Chris Jones, Esquire: This profile of newly minted Republican Presidential candidate (and former ambassador to China) is sure to be enlightening and well-written. Chris Jones is an impossibly brilliant writer who seems to remember every detail about every moment.
  • America’s Favorite Talking (Hot) Head by David Carr, New York Times Magazine: Keith Olbermann is back on TV. Carr describes Olbermann and the trials and tribulations of working with him.
  • Coverage of Whitey Bulger’s arrest by The Boston Globe: You can’t help but take a look at this — the arrest of a man who inspired many popular books and movies (likely including Jack Nicholson’s character in The Departed). A couple things of note here. One, the series of 1998 stories that detail Bulger’s relationship with crooked FBI agent Frank Connolly are great if you have time to get around to them. Two, the Globe woke up Bulger’s brother with a knock on his door at one in the morning when the story was breaking. Ten points for them.

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