Recommended reading, June 29

How to land your kid in therapy by Lori Gottlieb, The Atlantic: I wish we could compel all parents to read this piece. It isn’t necessarily that parents are “screwing their kids up,” but it is a fascinating study of the young American psyche. Of course, this piece stands out because it has taken a long-reported phenomenon — the aimlessness of many people of the generation currently in or recently out of college (read: my generation) — and found what seems to be the cause. This piece is brilliant, and chock full of aha moments.

Obama’s trash-talking presser by Dana Milbank, The Washington Post: This is a nice little opinion piece that gives some perspective on President Obama’s assertive Wednesday speech.

How ‘The Voice’ became a smash by Steve Knopper, Rolling Stone: The smoothly brilliant Javier Colon defeated the lovably creative Dia Frampton by less than 2 percent of the vote to win the first season of “The Voice” Wednesday. But really, everyone on this show won. Dia and Javier occupy the top two spots on the iTunes charts. And “The Voice” is the television show of the moment. The show’s formula has catapulted it into America’s consciousness. And it has received rave reviews. This piece explains how this snowball got rolling. It is now openly gunning for American Idol by being intentionally different. It has also been a boon for the judges — charmer Blake Shelton, diva Christina Aguilera, wild card Cee-Lo Green and winning judge Adam Levine. The show is already on for a second go-round, and a highly promoted one at that. It will premiere immediately following the Super Bowl.

Turtles on JFK runway cause flight delays by Bill Sanderson, The New York Post: This story exploded today because of the absurdity and comedic nature of it all. Plus, who doesn’t love turtles — especially turtles that gain adoring fans for delaying flights. An excerpt from the Post’s story:

Sex-crazed turtles shut down a runway at Kennedy Airport this morning as they crawled across the tarmac heading for their seasonal breeding grounds.

Also, someone created a Twitter account and has been updating on behalf of the turtles. Happy hump day.


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