Today’s gunman scare at Virginia Tech

Another gun scare froze Virginia Tech in its tracks today, the most recent in a string of similar incidents that have drawn worldwide attention since the April 16, 2007, campus shootings.

The 2007 shootings, when student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 students and faculty members and wounded 17 more, inspired security changes at Tech and colleges across the nation. Tech seems to have plenty of occasions to test them.

In a November 2008 scare, there were reports of gunshots in Pritchard Hall. After a search and evacuation of the building during a busy school day, police determined nail gun cartridges in a dumpster outside the dorm were to blame.

In March of this year, two Blacksburg public schools were locked down after reports that a man was walking down the road carrying a rifle. This man was never found.

Today, three middle school girls attending a summer camp on Tech’s campus (a frequent occurrence during lazy Tech summers) reported seeing a man walking quickly through the residential side of campus carrying a handgun under a cloth. We will likely never know exactly what they saw.

I was not in Blacksburg for this, but I wrote about it for the New York Post as media outlets around the globe picked up the story.


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