Bringing home some hardware

I was honored to receive a couple of awards over the past two weeks, and wanted to be sure I expressed the gratitude on this blog.

First, my paper and I were nominated for several of the Apple Awards that were given out at the national student media conference in New York City last week.

We ended up winning “Best Tweet” for our initial report that at least one person had died in the Dec. 8 Virginia Tech campus shootings. We also placed in two other categories, and I personally was a finalist for “Best Student Media Leader.” I finished third behind two other incredible leaders, but it was an honor just to be a finalist.

See all of those awards here: Apple Awards

The Collegiate Times also recently received the results of the Virginia Press Association’s 2011 College Contest. The staff as a whole did very well, and there will be a full announcement of the award winners in April, but I can add another accolade for the story of Lars Peterson — a convicted felon who turned his life around and graduated from Virginia Tech last May.


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