Making a splash in the neighborhood

Today’s Roanoke Times featured my first A1 centerpiece story. The piece tells the story of Corbin Prydwen, a Roanoke resident who moved to a new neighborhood and began a very noticeable campaign to address a problem.

The neighborhood is known as Mountain View. It has long been an economically depressed area, but the historic homes have drawn investors and residents looking to turn around the area.

The problem is prostitution. The street corner Prydwen can see from his front porch — which he has tended into a place for entertaining and relaxation — has been one of Roanoke’s most notorious rendezvous points for more than 25 years.

His approach was to confront the prostitutes and put up a sign that reads “No More Hookers.” The steps have drawn attention, which appears to be inspiring others in the neighborhood to take a stand. Prydwen seems to be an unstoppable optimist, who thinks with continued efforts, the area will be improved in no time.

Read the story: Turning the corner in Mountain View


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