Recommended reading — Sept. 22

The Boy They Couldn’t Kill by Thomas Lake, Sports Illustrated: Stunning story about the son of Rae Carruth.

The Invisible Island by Christopher Maag, Narratively: The new long-form site tells the story of a mostly forgotten landmass in New York City.

They Taught America How to Watch Football by Rich Cohen, The Atlantic: The father and sons behind NFL Films, and probably the entire way you think about the sport.

Life Under Romneycare by Charles Pierce, Esquire: A clear-eyed look at Romney in an actual governing job, and why he has disowned his greatest achievement.

And then in the “required reading” category, Gladwell and Lewis take center stage:

Obama’s Way by Michael Lewis: He spent an unprecedented amount of time with the President.

In Plain View by Malcolm Gladwell: How Sandusky and others like him get away with it.


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