I wrote a story about parents devoted to their difficult journey


Today’s front page featured my story on a Salem family that has been thrust into an extraordinarily difficult situation over the past few months.

In the days after the crash, the Myerses arranged for Aaron’s funeral services while simultaneously keeping track of Steven’s battle to survive a traumatic brain injury. In the weeks after the crash, the Myerses have altered their lives to make sure Steven gets the care he needs.

“This is the chapter in the parenting manual that you rip out when your children are born, because you just can’t imagine these kinds of things happening,” Carlan Myers said.

The Myerses have responded by going to great lengths to offer Steven a chance at recovering.

Norma Myers flew to Atlanta with Steven on Sept.7 so he could rehabilitate at the Shepherd Center, which Carilion Clinic doctors recommended. Her first trip back to the Roanoke Valley will be Sunday. Carlan Myers has made many trips. He is working Monday through Thursday at American Health Care in Roanoke and then driving to Atlanta each weekend to see his wife and care for his son.

There was plenty of detail I couldn’t fit into the story. But I will say one important note is that Steven, the injured son, is making progress well beyond what doctors originally expected.

Read the whole story: Community rallies to support Roanoke County family of crash victim


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