Recommended reading — Nov. 2

There are lots of important things to read this week, mainly because of the ever-present decision facing America: What beer to buy. Ok, so that isn’t exactly the choice most people are thinking about, but it was a great read from Bloomberg Businessweek among my recommended reading for this week.

The Plot to Destroy America’s Beer, Bloomberg Businessweek: Chances are you drink one of AB InBev’s beer brands, and probably associate it with a certain culture or nation or recipe. Budweiser is America’s traditional lager based in St. Louis. Beck’s is authentic German. Stella Artois is a Belgian mainstay. All of those assumptions used to be true, but the business of becoming the world’s biggest beer seller has changed some things.

What superstorm Sandy says about how the US handles crises, The Guardian: A terrific insight on the country’s reaction to the storm that struck the northeast, and how we behave so differently in the political arena.

It’s Global Warming, Stupid, Bloomberg Businessweek: The boldest, and perhaps most necessary reaction to Sandy was Businessweek’s cover story. It expressed a sentiment that hasn’t been central to the election, but later brought magazine owner and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to endorse President Barack Obama.

And with that, the election section:

Elect Obama: Barack Obama is a Great President. Yes, Great. by Jonathan Chait, New York

Elect Romney: The Choice, by Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post

It doesn’t matter who we elect: This is the least consequential election in years, by Andres Martinez, Quartz