I wrote a story about a resilient boy’s trip to Sesame Street

Kenji Knight, a 2-year-old who has overcome dwarfism and the Japanese earthquake disaster, got to meet some of his favorite TV characters last night. When Sesame Street Live came to the area, he was in line early to meet some of the characters and play some games.

Waiting in his mother’s arms to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster, Kenji Knight was wearing a red shirt that read, “Hug Me!”

Kenji has taken to Sesame Street as one of his favorite American entertainment options. Born in Japan with a form of dwarfism, he was adopted by Jessica and Kevin Knight during their five-year missionary trip to Japan.

But when the characters appeared before Thursday night’s “Sesame Street Live” show at the Salem Civic Center, the 2-year-old waved his arms, pointing and imploring his mother to keep the furry, adult-sized figures at arm’s length. As he pointed to a much more familiar Elmo doll, Kenji reminded his adoptive mother that the brightly colored characters from the TV show were a bit more intimidating in this setting.

“To him, that’s Elmo with gigantism,” Jessica Knight said.


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